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October General Education Session - Microaggressions and Gender

October 26, 2017
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

K&L Gates LLP, Umpqua Bank Plaza
1 SW Columbia St #1900
Portland, OR 97258
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Microaggressions and Gender: Like racism, sexism or genderism can operate at an overt conscious level or at a covert and less conscious one. Blatant, unfair and unequal treatment toward women can be manifested in sexual harassment, physical abuse, discriminatory hiring practices, or in women being subjected to a hostile, predominantly or previously traditionally male work environment, such as the field of law or law enforcement. As our society has become increasingly sensitive to their sexist actions and aware of what constitutes sexism and its harmful impact on women, the conscious, intentional forms of gender bias have seemingly decreased, but also continue in the form of subtle and unintentional expressions. These subtle forms of sexism are similar to aversive racism in that they come from well-intentioned men who believe in gender equality and would never deliberately discriminate against women. Yet, they unknowingly engage in behaviors that place women at a disadvantage, infantilize or stereotype them, and treat them in such a way as to deny them equal access and opportunity. According to women, gender microaggressions occur frequently even in 2017 and the resulting impact is that women are still objectified as sex objects, their accomplishments dismissed, contributions devalued and their effectiveness limited in social, educational, employment and professional settings. What are the symptoms and impact of gender microaggression? And are they limited to women only? What can both men and women do about them?


Lillian Tsai, Founder and President of TsaiComms LLC, has been working with a plethora of organizations on cross-cultural competency, intercultural communications, and diversity & inclusion (D&I) since 2005. Ms. Tsai’s strengths lie in the ability to understand and bridge gaps between cultural (organizational, team and individual) differences as a result of her experiences as an immigrant and working in global and multi-cultural environments for more than 35 years. 

She has trained and/or consulted for many corporations in the Pacific Northwest and specializes in training on topics and onboarding expatriates on business practices/etiquette. 

Ms. Tsai holds a Practitioner’s Certificate from the Intercultural Communications Institute in Portland, Oregon, and a Certificate in Artful Facilitation from Resolutions Northwest. She is an Expert Panelist for the Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks, an instructor at Portland State University’s Center for Excecutive and Professional Education (CEPE) and a returning guest lecturer at the University of Oregon’s Executive MBA program since 2012.

Lunch will be provided. 


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