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ALA – Oregon Chapter’s Membership Points Award Program

Since 2008, ALA – Oregon has offered a Membership Points Award Program as an additional incentive for its members to take full advantage of the Chapter’s excellent educational programs and networking opportunities, both with other members and our business partners.  Our Chapter thrives on the participation and support from its members, and this Program is designed to reward active involvement and participation at many levels.

It’s a pretty simple concept:  members earn “Membership Points” in varying amounts for each activity in which they become involved.  The greater the commitment and involvement – the greater the reward!  Points are awarded for everything: service on the Board, as a Section or Committee Chair; attendance at Chapter meetings and/or special events, or Regional or National conferences; sponsoring a new member; writing and submitting articles to the Chapter’s quarterly “Legal Management News” publication: referring a new business partner; sponsoring a new member;  or responding to surveys or website “Forum” postings.  A more complete listing of the various activities and points earned for participating can be found in the Membership Points Program Description.  Membership points are tracked and tallied throughout the year by the Chapter’s Membership Director and awards are given out early the following year to those who have earned the most membership points at varying levels as shown on the above-mentioned Program Description.

Everyone has the chance to be involved in Chapter leadership opportunities and we are always looking for members who want to increase their involvement and commitment.  Although the benefits of being involved with the activities and leadership of our Chapter are plentiful on their own, this Membership Points Award Program provides an added incentive and reward to Members who contribute the most to the Chapter’s success and effectiveness.