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Problem-Solving Techniques Take on New Twist

Solving a problem in a group leads you to more good ideas but fewer great ideas.  The opposite is true if you solve it alone.  The best of both worlds is intermittent collaboration: alternating between independent and group work.  Have I piqued your interest yet?  Read more abo...

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2018 Bright Insights Report: Change is Occurring at a Faster Pace Each Year

By: Tom Usher, Executive Director, Cushman & Wakefield The results of Cushman & Wakefield’s fifth-annual proprietary National Legal Sector Benchmark Survey and National Associate Survey, released in partnership with ALM and, Cushman & Wakefield’s Legal Sector Advisor...

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When Meetings Get Tense

When you are in the middle of a chaotic meeting, how do you turn conflict back into conversation?  It can be surprisingly easy. Learn more here:  How to Save a Meeting That’s Gotten Tense.

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