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January General Education Session - Microaggressions and Race

January 24, 2018
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

K&L Gates LLP, Umpqua Bank Plaza
1 SW Columbia St #1900
Portland, OR 97258
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Microaggressions and Race: Although overt expressions of racism (hate crimes, physical assaults, use of racial epithets and blatant discriminatory acts) may have declined in the past decade, some might argue that since November 2016, they have resurfaced as being more overt, many others might argue that its expressions have morphed.  They now show up in a more contemporary and insidious form that hides in our cultural assumptions, beliefs, values and in our institutional policies and practices, in the deeper psychological recesses of our individual psyches. Race experts believe that racism has become invisible, subtle and more indirect, often operating below the level of conscious awareness and continuing to oppress in unseen ways.  This contemporary manisfestation is known as: symbolic racism, modern racism, implicit racism and aversive racism.  Aversive racism is closely related to the concept of racial microaggressions because they generally occur below the level of awareness of well intentioned people.  Join us to explore where and how racial microaggressions show up.  We will also be taking a quick look at the history of racism in Oregon since the past informs the present and the future.


Lillian Tsai, Founder and President of TsaiComms LLC, has been working with a plethora of organizations on cross-cultural competency, intercultural communications, and diversity & inclusion (D&I) since 2005. Ms. Tsai’s strengths lie in the ability to understand and bridge gaps between cultural (organizational, team and individual) differences as a result of her experiences as an immigrant and working in global and multi-cultural environments for more than 35 years. 

She has trained and/or consulted for many corporations in the Pacific Northwest and specializes in training on topics and onboarding expatriates on business practices/etiquette. 

Ms. Tsai holds a Practitioner’s Certificate from the Intercultural Communications Institute in Portland, Oregon, and a Certificate in Artful Facilitation from Resolutions Northwest. She is an Expert Panelist for the Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks, an instructor at Portland State University’s Center for Excecutive and Professional Education (CEPE) and a returning guest lecturer at the University of Oregon’s Executive MBA program since 2012.


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